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 Harry not Hurry is here!
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 27 Jul 2011 @ 11:30.


Harry arrived this morning and is parked up outside. Am so excited! Will pop out this afternoon and remove the previous owners stickers, find something with a daisy on to put inside him and then he'll be a proper part of the Harris family.

We're planning to take him off to his first folk festival this weekend.

Can you tell I'm a bit excited?!


Posted by Anonymous on Wed 27 Jul 2011 @ 12:24.

Hi wendy&paul, did you get my P M message?


Posted by Anonymous on Wed 27 Jul 2011 @ 14:02.

hello there welcome .which folk festi you of to .
and daisy's wots that all about i take it you like them 8} 8} ;]

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 27 Jul 2011 @ 16:22.

Sorry, I didn't see the PMs but just got read them now! In the end I went with Heritage insurance - 106 which I was really pleased with. Must go and pop that on the Insurance thread. Thanks for confirming that I needed to use the word classic with Carole Nash, will remember to say that next time. The guy I spoke to had an "off" tone so the conversation wasn't going well anyway!

Daisies - yes, they're my thing, they're so cheery. Paul even proposed with one that he'd picked and we designed and got made a daisy engagement ring. Our friends kids play count the daisies in our house and keep spotting more when they think they're done!

Just been and got two new tyres for Harry. When he was delivered this morning the guy said there was a wobble that started on the way (it wasn't there on the test drive) that he thought was coming from the front wheel and the spare was proper ropey too. One tyre was wonky on the edge and they said the other front one was on its way too. So two new tyres, swapping around and moved the rusty wheel rim to the spare and putting the spare where it belongs for 90 - not too bad I thought.

My friend's just been and spotted an oil leak, that looks like it's been there some time so will have to get that looked at at some point. Regular dip stick checks and top ups in the meantime! He wasn't impressed with the amount of rust, but then I guess he's not used to looking at such an old vehicle! Harry will never be pristine but as long as he stays together we'll be happy. :D

The guy we got it from said that the previous owner told him that it had been sorted for Unleaded petrol but that he wasn't 100% sure so put in additive sometimes. Is it possible to tell whether the additive is still needed or not?

Will get some pictures taken and pop them up later...

 Thank you!
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 05 Jul 2013 @ 15:47.

I thought I'd add to this post to bid farewell - Harry not Hurry has found a new home.

I feel really sad but we just didn't invest the time or money in him that was needed to ensure he carried on running in the future. We only actually went away in him 5 times, although it was great every time we did. Paul was never that comfortable in him - he's too much of a worrier really for an old vehicle and now that we have Toby, our 14 month old boy, we have even less time and Paul hated sitting in the back, so we decided it was time to find him a new home before he started falling apart.

I loved driving him, and felt really sad when taking him out last night for the test drive.

I have told the new owners about you all, so I do hope they pop by. Thanks to everyone for your help.

All the best

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