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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 08 Jan 2012 @ 01:07.

Hi All, just got back onto the Bedford CF site, (was here a couple of years ago) this time i've done the honest thing (!) and payed up for membership.

i own probably the scruffiest Bedford in the UK, it is a CF350D recovery truck, currently its off the road, needed a little work for the MOT and before i knew it i'd un=earthed all sorts of problems not least of which is the near absent footwells due to rust...
New years resolution - get to work on the Bedford and get it back on the road...

There is a photo of it on page 3 of Beddy spotting,complete with a silver Manta on the back, and if i get this right there should be a photo below of my Bedford with my friends Opel Commadore mk 1 on the back -

incidently this photo was from some years ago but i've used it as the car on the back is so unusual, the Commodore is now full restored and appeared at the NEC classic cars show last november, something which might not have happen if the Bedford hadn't been available to rescue it.

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 08 Jan 2012 @ 16:58.

Welcome back Mantaman, nice to see a recovery truck

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 08 Jan 2012 @ 19:46.

Nice to see a Commodore too.

Welcome back Mantaman.

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