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 hi, need help please
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 23 Jun 2012 @ 15:35.

Hi I'm looking to buy a CF2 camper, and came on here to look in the technical section to see what things to look out for on a 2.0 petrol model. But i cant access that members area. I don't even know if they have a separate chassis yet! so I'm quite new to the CF. Is there anything i should look out for in particular? I read in the FAQ section that the older 2.3L petrol requires leaded petrol, is this the same for the 2.0 CF2?

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 23 Jun 2012 @ 16:32.

There isn't anything in the Howto section on what to look for when buying a CF. Maybe one day - ToDo list is a bit long at present though.

Opel 2-litre (1979cc) upright petrol engine is designed for unleaded petrol.

Whether the van is a panel van variant (pop top, high top campers) or chassis cab (coachbuilt, ambulance conversions) the condition of the cab should give you an idea of the extent of corrosion.

Usual places are cab floor & steps, door bottoms, rocker panel (arch bit between step and wing), wheel arch edges of the wings & also the top edges below the screen, screen surround.

Soggy cab floor mats/carpeting usually indicates leaking windscreen seal. If floor covering can't be lifted to examine underneath then it may be safer to assume that the cab floor metalwork has suffered rather than take a chance that it isn't corroded.

Panel vans also suffer around the rear lower corners, sills and the rear floor around the wheel houses.

There's other places but if there's much evidence of holes or repairs in any of the above then the rest of the van may not be too clever.

Be a little wary of new repaints ... body may be fine but also could be have a lot of filler hiding under the paint.

Camper body can suffer from damp especially alloy or composite panel types with panel joins at roof level and along the sides and back. All bodies can suffer if there's leaky skylights or side windows. Generally, if the interior is (or smells) damp then be aware that even a small damp patch inside the van can mean extensive repairs may be needed to fix the problem.

If the van is clean & tidy with little evidence of corrosion or body repairs then the mechanical side isn't so much of a problem other than finding some spares but if there's nothing to be had on Ebay or at your local spares shop then ABC in Leeds often has something to fit.

Posted by bluebedouin on Sat 23 Jun 2012 @ 16:59.

philbradshaw wrote:

Be a little wary of new repaints ... body may be fine but also could be have a lot of filler hiding under the paint.

Take a magnet with you to check!

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 23 Jun 2012 @ 20:20.

Thank you for your quick replies. You have just saved me buying something, that while not a total wreck, had some problems. Rust in the steps, coupled with damp under the windscreen, on the carpet led me to notice other things, i would not have noticed. Basically the cab had been done up badly inside with poorly fitting carpet etc and the Door seals were falling off. It also had front seats that seemed way too high for driving. I'm short and I had to bend over to see out. So whoever did repair it in the past hadn't put much effort into it. I may have been over cautious, but i got the feeling it was hiding something. So thanks once again.

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 24 Jun 2012 @ 08:19.

There are good vans about still so don't be disheartened if it takes a while to find what you want.

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 24 Jun 2012 @ 10:51.

There are a couple on Ebay at the moment some good and some not so good
Richard & Judith

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 29 Jun 2012 @ 18:43.

What you described sounds a bit like my van Andrew. I didn't know I had it up for sale.


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