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 Hi From a newby
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 15 Aug 2012 @ 22:16.

Hi everyone, Just joined the club as I have just bought a 83 CF Auto-Sleeper. I intend to overhaul the engine and the inside needs a little work. I am sure that I will be on other forums asking all sorts of questions. I have had a look at a lot of the information and it looks like there is plenty of advice and experience.
I look forward to conversing with you all on the forums and maybe even helping some of you.
Marcus ;]

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 16 Aug 2012 @ 16:15.

Hi Marcus welcome to the best Bedford site on the net.
Richard & Judy

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 16 Aug 2012 @ 18:12.

Welcome aboard marcus ;] .

Posted by Colin Birch on Thu 16 Aug 2012 @ 18:16.

Hi and welcome to the site. Leeds eh? You have my sympathy 8}

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 16 Aug 2012 @ 19:26.

hi there old son if you need advice this is the place ;] ;]

not that i can give you any 8} 8} 8} 8}

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 18 Aug 2012 @ 07:08.

Thanks for your warm welcomes (and sympathy)

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