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 Hi everyone!
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 19 Oct 2012 @ 10:36.

Hi all from County Wicklow! We recently took the plunge and bought an 81 CF motorhome - she's in pretty good basic condition but needs tlc (as they all do i guess) - so that's this winter's project. Hope to have her on the road and gleaming for next summer, and use her to tour Ireland and, if she proves remotely reliable (I've read the stories on here - should I be having buyer's regret???) maybe even head for France. I'm already deeply impressed with this site and the helpfulness of its members - so expect to see more pleas for help!! Any tips on sites to visit - particularly in Ireland, would be welcomed, along with any reasurance that the Bedford was the right choice!

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 19 Oct 2012 @ 11:16.

Hi KevinH, and welcome to the best CF website in the world! This club contains the best brains in the world on CF's - just a pity I'm not one of them! 8}


Posted by Colin Birch on Fri 19 Oct 2012 @ 12:19.

Hi Kevin and welcome to CF-UK from all the Admin team.

I'm sure Bob Hillier will pop in and suggest some sites in Ireland and as for reasurance that the Bedford was the right choice, you must be mad :B 8} 8}

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 19 Oct 2012 @ 13:13.

Hi KevinH,

I have toured a fair bit of your lovely country when I worked for a coach company in the 90's and always said I would like to go back, and maybe I will who knows what next year will offer.
So welcome to the club and the Bedford.


Posted by Anonymous on Fri 19 Oct 2012 @ 17:05.

hi kevin welcome to the site.
richard & judy

Posted by Bob Hillier on Thu 25 Oct 2012 @ 12:59.

That`s GOD taking my name in vain (again). Welcome Kev, from the West.The only site I can guarantee in this country, doesn`t allow unruly parents (no kids). The connection is obvious. is the link. I have PM`d you. Thats a personal message you can see on the main page, when you sign in. [baa]

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 25 Oct 2012 @ 18:52.

hello and welcome old son.. ;] ;]
guy and sharon

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