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 start of a long project!
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 04 Feb 2013 @ 17:04.

Hi All

I have just joined this forum as I am glad to say that on Friday afternoon I become a Bedford CF owner! It is my first Bedford although I did own a Mk2 Transit pop-top camper a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it too J.

The 1977 CF Advantura I have taken on is a restoration project and a non runner, but I have access to all of the tools and skills necessary to get her back to (and beyond?) former glory! It was a bit of a barn find I guess, well gumtree to be precise but the best part is that it has been dry stored in for the last 7 years by the previous owner and many years before that by the owner before them. When viewing I did a lot of stabbing around with a screwdriver in all the typical areas where there might be rot I am glad to say she is in pretty damn solid, although I am not expecting a clean sheet and I am sure there will be some welding along the way. The engine was upgraded to a 2.3 GM diesel and 5 speed box which I guess is of the same variety released in the later stages of the CF lifecycle (referencing the handy data from this website!), although this will have to be confirmed. IMHO it does look like it was meant to be there and so I am guessing itís a Bedford setup (reverse gear is located where 1st usually is?!). It was last run 3 years ago so Iím guessing the old girl will be a bit stiff :o in most areas.

Plans for it will develop over time but the end goal is to have a lovely re-sprayed, re-insulated, re-designed (living space) and possibly re-engined CF to travel the British Isles and parts of Europe. Unfortunately I do not have space for it in the city where I live so it is back at a (generous) friends workshop so work will happen over spare weekends and holiday.

First port of call is to try and get the motor running then seek at any rot and stamp it out! Within the next couple of weeks I should have a good idea of the scope of work ahead of me. ††††

A quick couple of questions to start off:

1.†††† If the engine does run is it worth fitting a more modern (95-05) engine such as a Ducato or sprinter diesel?? (if they fit).............. I am thinking of reliability, economy and parts availability (this latter point may be especially important if problems occur when abroad). Any ideas on typical mpg from the 2.3 GM engine would be appreciated.

2.†††† If you were in my position what would you be looking to sort first?

(I may make the first question a proper thread)


PS Photos to follow soon

Posted by bluebedouin on Mon 04 Feb 2013 @ 19:59.

Congratulations on two of the best decisions you'll make this year.Buying a CF & joining this wonderful site!Become a card holder for even greater benefits.
The 2.3 diesel was a standard fitting & is the same engine as mine.(Although it wasn't originally fitted to my van.)
If it's been stood that long it should be pretty sound mechanically as long as it hasn't seized.

Any ideas on typical mpg from the 2.3 GM engine would be appreciated.
On a continuous run I worked out roughly that I was getting a good 80 miles per 10 litres.(My fuel guage doesn't work so I have to judge it by mileage & what I put in the tank!)
However stop/start round town it halves that.
If you were in my position what would you be looking to sort first?
Get it through an mot,tax & insure it & get out in it!
I use mine every day all year round.You can still do odd jobs whilst you use it.

Posted by Colin Birch on Mon 04 Feb 2013 @ 20:02.

Hi and welcome to the site. Looks like you've got big plans and lots of work ahead of you. You're lucky you've got a space to store and work on the van. Be warned, it can get addictive. What engines will fit? Depends on what skills you've got and how big your bank account is 8}

Best of luck with the plans and don't forget to get the pics posted ;]

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 04 Feb 2013 @ 20:44.

Cheers guys, it will surely be a long road and I'm just going to take it as it comes.

80 miles per 10 litres sounds like damn good mileage, if it turns out to be reliable enough then I may just keep it. Otherwise im looking for a cheap and simple retro fit, something that will require relatively little adjustment to get it in and geared up to the right ratios....if that sort of engine exists! Looking on google i've read posts where people have done mainly fitted petrols and the odd sprinter or transit engine diesels are mentioned but without too much hassle although they are lacking on detail! budget would not be huge, below a grand for sure.

I'll look at the membership thing for the site.

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 05 Feb 2013 @ 09:10.

Hi and welcome to the club, it looks like a nice van.
Richard & Judy

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