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 spookytim here
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 01 Apr 2013 @ 19:32.

Hello, haven't been here in 6 months or so. Finally got some time to check in and I appear to be unable to. I've had to create this temporary account to write. I've been contacting cfuk via the official channels and emailing Colin. I have a new email address (I assume that's part of the problem) so if anyone here in any official capacity can help I'd love to get back onto the forum legitimately.


Spookytim, with tales to tell about fitting an Essex.

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 01 Apr 2013 @ 19:46.

Ignore him. He's an imposter.

Good to be back...
Thanks Colin.

Posted by Colin Birch on Mon 01 Apr 2013 @ 19:51.

Glad I could help. I'm just off to [rip] again now.

BTW, to everyone else who has emailed/PMd I am trying to catch up with things but at the moment I'm suffering. I know men get 'man flu' but this feels like the real thing. Even the wife has it :#

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 01 Apr 2013 @ 20:02.

You need an assistant manager Colin. I'd offer to help, but my computer skills are pretty poor as you've probably guessed, by the amount of tippex on my screen.


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