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Posted by Anonymous on Fri 31 May 2013 @ 20:08.

Hi there all,

Picking my CF2 up tomorrow. Never had a camper before. Wanted to go on holiday on my terms with my menagerie and always worried about damage to OPs property with dogs jumping on beds, chairs, dining tables (just joking x the latter). I had a little bit of a test drive in it last monday (I think I managed to get it up to some 40 mph, gosh ;D) and it was the first time that happened since I took possession of my first Beemer, an R65, way back in 1989. I had gone out looking for waterproofs and came back with a bike. I'm sure you know the story.

My road experience includes several tours of Europe aboard various Beemers as well as several road trips I made to Italy at the turn of the century in order to move myself there which was supposed to be forever but life has a funny way of getting in the way of things and I found myself back in Blighty after a couple of years though didn't do the same in reverse.

Am off to the north, Bridlington to gawk at some Puffins at Bempton on tuesday or wednesday and from there there is only open road (and hopefully not too many layby's)so what I would really like to know and would be incredibly useful is Tyre Pressures as would prefer not to be using flat tyres. My bus is a 1984 CF2 autosleeper hightop :? ;D

Hope to meet you on the road


PS it only has 2 berths apparently.Seems a bit big for that. Has anyone ever tried to put hammocks into them

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 31 May 2013 @ 22:21.

Hi I run mine at 55 psi which has always been fine. Hope you enjoy trip to bempton nip to Filey and then on to Whitby and you won't go wrong. Cheers john

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 01 Jun 2013 @ 09:40.

hello old son happy travels

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 01 Jun 2013 @ 18:22.

welcome to the club
Richard & judy

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 01 Jun 2013 @ 23:36.

Hey Richard and Judy,

Your photo is the same as the Beddy that i've just bought

Catriona ;]

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 02 Jun 2013 @ 06:35.

Hi Rodin my van is a facelift 250 auto box 1983 2.3 petral.
Richard & Judy

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