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 1985 Bedford CF - no servo pump
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 27 Jul 2013 @ 16:39.


I have recently joined the club, after purchasing a 1985 Bedford CF ice cream van. I am in the process of renovating it and although it got through its MOT i have now found that the servo is not connected, the pump is missing. I got another punmp and pipes etc but have been told that this is the wrong pump as it is on the opposite side , the one i require is to be fited to the nearside of the vehicle. I have to rely on other people to do the work as my speciality is not vehicle repairs but Cakes ! i hope when (if ever) it is complete to use it for the sale of ice cream and cup cakes at events. I have now been told that there is an electric pump that could be fitted, i understand that this is the method used on classic cars, but having had all sorts of rubbish told to me i just want to check. Can anyone help please



Posted by Anonymous on Thu 01 Aug 2013 @ 21:54.

Hi June, You will get a answer to your question,if you ask it again on cf questions on the home page.Cheers Jim

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 04 Aug 2013 @ 19:07.

thanks for that i realised after i had posted it it was in the wrong place ! i have hopefully now listed it correctly


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