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 Hello from Exeter
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 09 Dec 2013 @ 08:35.

Hello folks, after much searching and shouting at ebay and the like I find myself the owner of an 87 CF2 ex St Johns Ambulance with a home conversion in the rear. Woohoo!!!
Heading off tomorrow to pick it up and drive the 235 miles home. Owned a few old things over the years and currently have a 74 Capri as my daily just never had a camper, even my VW van was a pick up.
Hopefully see some of you out there sometime and I'll stick some piccies up when I have some.

Posted by bluebedouin on Mon 09 Dec 2013 @ 09:25.

Welcome to the site,Steve.Nice to have you with us.
That's a fair old distance from Exeter.If you're coming anywhere near Northampton,pop in for a cuppa. ;]

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 09 Dec 2013 @ 20:39.

hello and welcome from down south ;] ;]

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 10 Dec 2013 @ 06:02.

welcome to the site

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 13 Dec 2013 @ 08:53.

I'm quite chuffed with this

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