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1st post, new CF250 owner
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 27 Aug 2016 @ 16:58.

Hi there, I thought I would join you fine people as I recently (Last week) bought a none running Bedford CF250 Pioneer camper van with a 2.3 slant petrol engine. Got it back up and running (the ring gear had slipped on the flywheel is this comon?) and have bookded it in for an MOT next tuesday. I thought I would join as I'm sure I will have a lot of work to complete on this (the previous owners did nothing but drive it for the last 3 years until it wouldn't drive anymore) to make sure it's good before using it. I am a mechanic and not too bad at DIY either so I'm looking forward to playing with this and I'm sure I'll be using this site a lot to help me out, so thank you all in advance for your asistance.

Posted by bluebedouin on Sun 28 Aug 2016 @ 14:22.

Welcome to the club,hope it gets through the mot ok.
24mech wrote:

.... I am a mechanic and not too bad at DIY either ......

A great asset to a beddy owner. ;D

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 28 Aug 2016 @ 17:24.

Think its going to fail on some welding, But i'll just get the garage to sort that out if it does, I've been over it and it shouldbe fine on everything else (got a pair of new pedal rubbers coming in the post) but we'll see, thanks for the welcome :D

Posted by Colin Birch on Mon 29 Aug 2016 @ 14:41.

Hi and welcome

Best of luck with the MOT. The Pioneer is a good conversion. That's what I have (rapidly) rotting to pieces on my drive. Are you using a lead additive when you fill up?

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 29 Aug 2016 @ 17:02.

I was told by the previous owner (3+years) that it runs on straight unleaded so I assume (Famous last words) it's had hardened valves fitted. I'll be running it on the driveway for a good while as I carry out: full engine,gearbox & diff sevice and give a good going over and tune as well.

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 29 Aug 2016 @ 20:16.

welcome ..i was told my engine had been coverted to unleaded ..even have the paper work ...but i still add stuff just incase lol.
good luck wit mot

Posted by Mikecsailing on Tue 30 Aug 2016 @ 14:46.

Welcome to the group. As others have said, good luck with the MOT and enjoy the van :)


 Welcome to the club.
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 02 Sep 2016 @ 20:22.

Hi 24mech.

Sound like you are going to manage just fine because being a mechanic is the best start for Bedford ownership, never had a ring gear come unstuck on a Bedford it used to be a Hillman Avenger problem, had to weld a few of them into place.
I have an old Pioneer myself I bought it over six years ago and have done a lot to it because of the state in was in, but it was cheap and serves as my therapy in retirement from the motor trade.


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