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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 18 Sep 2016 @ 22:31.

Hi all,

Signed up a few weeks ago and have been using the site for info, so i thought it was about time I said hello.

I recently bought a 1972 cf250 as a bit of a running project

Lots has changed already and over the next year I'm hoping to have it all rebuild and ready for some holidays

As it stands in the past month I have fitted and 2.5di turbo transit engine - updated the coolant system to modern radiator with twin electric fans

Now I'm just starting the full rewire of the engine, ignition and lighting loom to bring the van up to modern standards.

Once this is done I will move onto the brakes (cf2 disc's plus 10" rear drums)

Then make a start on the motorhome side of thonhsu

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 27 Sep 2016 @ 17:25.

Good Luck with your project.
Post a couple of pics as you go along.
Have you got a set of disc brakes already or are you still looking?
If so, they are like hens teeth.


Posted by Anonymous on Sat 01 Oct 2016 @ 22:49.

I thought I had found a set but that fall through,

For now I think I will just go through the drums and get them all set up and balanced the best I can.

I will upload a few photos of the progress so far asap

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 03 Oct 2016 @ 08:02.

Welcome to the forum Ian! I am new here too but finding out quickly its a lovely forum!

How are you getting on with the transit engine? Is it noisy in the cab? and guessing there is a massive improvement in fuel economy?

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 04 Oct 2016 @ 18:05.

Haven't driven it as of yet - it's 90% done now, just some coolant lines to run and then wiring, the wiring has been patched quite a lot over the years so I have decided to rip it all out and start again.
Also a fresh lick of paint and new windscreen seal, spent a few hours today stripping and rebuilding the wiper linkage and motor

Few pics for you guys



Posted by Anonymous on Tue 04 Oct 2016 @ 20:14.

Hi,you are doing a grand job on your van I am really looking forward to seeing the finished van and welcome to the club my van is a pop top.Cheers+Beers Jim.

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 04 Oct 2016 @ 20:59.

Very neat job Ian,

I've just bought a donor CF1 Advantura last week for parts which ended up off the road and stood for a few years because the owner started fitting a 2.5 Transit Di engine and then lost storage/run out of time etc. This is the state he got to. The cross member was actually really nicely done to clear the sump and fit the engine mounts. How is yours fitted? has the sump been modified or the cross member too?

Regards Frank

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 05 Oct 2016 @ 08:53.

I've sat mine higher to save cutting the crossmember

Sump wise I cut 2" out of it, and span it around so the lip clears the steering rack

I also opted to change out the Bedford (downdraft) radiator for a transit one (hopefully more efficient cooling) there also only £28.99 deliverd from good old eBay 😀

Again for the fans I've swapped out the viscous fan for twin 18" electric fans, with a twin speed in line fan switch and manual override

My plan is for a modern (ish) drive and reliability with the classic fun of the vintage cf

I've got some good touches coming soon but I'll keep you all updated

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 05 Oct 2016 @ 09:29.

I've started a thread in the 'custom van' section that I will upto date with progress

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