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Posted by Anonymous on Wed 19 Oct 2016 @ 20:49.

Hello everyone!

I´m David, based in York and proud new owner of a Canterbury Sunhome CF 250 (2.3 Petrol) build in 1979.
I already used this forum for getting information additional to my new friend "Haynes".

I´ve already done a few maintaining things on it but I got still problems with stuttering unless if the engine is warm or cold.
Could someone please tell me where the wire of the fuel cut off solenoid valve should go? I´ve got the Weber 34 ICT carb fitted.
The wire was already missing when I bought the CF and I think it could cause problems.


Posted by Anonymous on Sat 22 Oct 2016 @ 20:37.

Noidea old son but welcome and I'm sure some one will let you know

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 23 Oct 2016 @ 07:42.

Hello. The wire to the solenoid should be switched on and off with the ignition. To pick up a supply you could run from the feed side of your coil but if the weber was fitted when your van was built then there should a supply wire somewhere about from the loom. It might be worth starting a thread in CF Questions as I have a cf facelift so the weber was factory on mine but I'm not sure about your year. May have been the zenith.

Regards Andy

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 27 Oct 2016 @ 19:45.

Hi David,
Yes as Andy said it should have an ignition switched live feed going to it. If your van had a Weber from standard it would come out the same part of the loom as the wire for the oil pressure switch and ignition feed, just under the brake servo/by the steering column.
The fuel solenoid closes the fuel supply to the idle jet (which is held in place by the solenoid) when the engine/ignition is switched off. You shoulkd hear it click when you switch the ignition on/off. It was designed to stop engines running on when hot.
If your engine runs without the solenoid being connected, that means it's stuck open all the time, therefore broken. If it be stuck in the off position, it would never start and idle. Some ICT/ICH Webers didn't use them and have just a standard idle jet holder in place.
If your engine doesn't run on when you switch it off, then you should be fine without it.

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