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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 05 Dec 2016 @ 18:17.

Hello new to the site , just bought a 1976 Cf1 - pictures hopefully attached...

was in a bit of a dilemma as to whether put it back to a panel van or keep as a camper, as its fully fitted out and quite nice inside

anyway, hope to get some good advice, cheers Ross


 keep or change
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 05 Dec 2016 @ 20:22.

Hi Ross,I have a 1974 Bedford almost the same as yours.What are you doing with your van carreing things or camping that's what's what will decide for you I us mine as a camper.So my frend the chose is yours.Cheers+Beers Jim.

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 06 Dec 2016 @ 20:01.

Hello. Nice wagon old son

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 06 Dec 2016 @ 20:27.

Thanks for the message

Am I going to seriously de-value it by converting back to a van ?

Cheers Ross

 What to do !!!
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 06 Dec 2016 @ 21:23.

Hi Ross,you are right in what you say you will devalue the van by striping it.What do you want the van for?Cheers Jim.

Posted by bluebedouin on Tue 06 Dec 2016 @ 23:33.

Welcome Ross.As the van's already been converted,I'd leave it as it is.A camper can also be used as a van for shifting stuff etc but a panel van is awfully uncomfortable to sleep in. ;D

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 07 Dec 2016 @ 07:25.

Thanks for your messages . I originally just wanted a panel van, was going to use it for work as we do light deliveries and the thought of one of these back on the road was very tempting. Just love the shape and lines . As you can imagine there's concealed rust everywhere, it's not horrendous , but top of windscreen and drivers side quarter panel above wheel is bad we've got some cutting out to do. At the moment she drives but it doesn't start just clicks. So going to pull the starter off and have it overhauled. Loads to do ! What could it be worth restored do you think ? If I kept as an auto sleeper? And a panel van ? ..... thank you . Ross

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 08 Dec 2016 @ 00:37.

Hello Ross. The selling price difference between a camper and a panel van would be nowhere near the cost of obtaining the correct bracing struts for the sides and roof which were either removed or modified during the original conversion and finding both replacement upper side panels and a roof panel, plus the many hours of welding,bodywork and paint. If you must change back to a panel van because you want one then try and find a donor van to give you the parts. If you want to use for delivery then how about removing the camper interior, then fully ply line/board it out inside after dark tinting the side and rear windows.

Regards Andy

 Van interior
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 12 Dec 2016 @ 19:28.

Hello Andy - yes I hadn't really thought of the complications removing all the camper equipment. The idea you suggest might be worth a try actually , I'm not against the idea of having it as a camper I just preferred the shape of the panel van....

I've always wanted a CF1 but if I was to restore it , would she be worth much all completed ?

I'm going to keep it either way , was just interested to know !

Anyway many thanks 👌

 Van stripped
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 10 Dec 2017 @ 08:09.

Good day just a quick update all is going well, vans totally stripped and we are on the way to a panel van after much deliberation. We are almost done with the cutting and welding . More pics to follow

I’ve got a nice set of windows for sale for one whole side too


Posted by Anonymous on Sun 10 Dec 2017 @ 09:27.

Hello Ross.. well your definitely beyond the point of no return now. The steel sections visible look pretty good. I was surprised when I stripped my van for a refurb at how rough and slapdash the work was for the conversion but then when you think back most of us have more fabrication tools in our private workshops now than the average commercial garage back in the day. Have you got a donor van for panels and braces or are you going to get really good with a French wheel and rollers.

Regards Andy

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