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 Virus - how did I get that??
Posted by Colin Birch on Tue 17 Jan 2006 @ 19:20.

Have you ever virus scanned your PC? When? Today, last week, last month? Virus scaning should be carried out as often as possible and with the most recent version of your virus scanner. It's VERY easy to pick up a virus. Internet Explorer has so many 'features' that allow a crafty bit of code to install inself on your PC. Outlook Express is the same. You should NEVER open an email with an attachment without checking either the file is virus free (scan it) or check that the person the email is supposedly off did actually send it.

So you haven't got anti-virus software because it's too expensive. WRONG. There are some excellent FREE anti virus progs out there. Click on the following 2 links for free software:-

Do you run a firewall? If not then you are leaving your computer open to anyone. Go to and see just how many ports are open to attack on your PC. So what? I hear you say. So by blocking all your ports you stop hackers getting at your PC. By blocking ports you stop hackers using YOUR pc as a relay for their hacking and spamming.

So you need a firewall. Again, there are some pretty good ones out there FREE. You can get ZoneAlarm free here >

Posted by Anonymous on Thu 02 Mar 2006 @ 22:29.

Hiya Guys, just a quick note to say that my computer caught a virus on monday night, after several late nights and sore hands from beating the desk in frustration I used Panda virus scan and low and behold all is well again!

the virus I had I believe was W32/Gaobot.MJA.worm which presented itself as a program called csrrs.exe (NOT csrss.exe!) which attempted to send all my personal details to the net, it also took hold of limewire and kept forcing it to open every time i closed it and blocked ctrl+alt+delete so i couldnt open task manager to shut it down (though there is a bypass for that)
I was very dissapointed with Norton anti virus, I scanned the program before opening it... but nope it was indeed a virus! Norton then preceded to not be able to find any virus on my system , likewise McAfee stinger (only works for certain viruses anyway), avast virus scanner, ad-aware, even nortons own tool specificlly designed to remove Gaobot couldnt find it! I followed all the removal tutorials i could find, no joy! I tried Noadware, that at least found the virus, but failed to remove it all (there was actually a program called xzxzxzxzxzxz.exe which must have been reinstalling the virus after removing it)

Finally I managed to find pandas free search which i have heard good things about, its a web based scanner, so it is only any good for doing a system scan, not for active protection! I was very pleased with it and it can be found here

So just to reiterate what Colin has said, never open a file from an unknown source, dont go without a virus scanner... one day you will be caught out, also dont let your virus scanners judgement overrule your gut feeling about a file, if you think a file is a virus there is a good chance it is! In my case I thought it probably was, but Norton said it was ok... Norton was wrong!
Also if it hadnt been for my firewall (also norton) I wouldnt have been able to block csrrs from sending my information and passwords to the net... infact if it had not been for that and for the other stuff it made my computer do I probably never would have noticed it was there!

Scan your computer now (it takes ages but it is worth it), get some anti virus software (colin listed some above, is also a free one), and get a firewall!

...Ok that wasnt a quick note! Take care

 computer virus
Posted by Anonymous on Fri 03 Mar 2006 @ 00:20.

hi to all just a note to say new virusus are being created in their hundreds every day so to keep them out make sure you update your virus definitions regularly,and any new bugs that come along should be killed.;]

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 11 Apr 2006 @ 04:00.

theres a program called CCleaner aswell which is a nice little tool


Posted by Anonymous on Fri 05 Jan 2007 @ 01:34.

I keep clicking on the links for avg and i get a BLANK PAGE THAT SAYS DONE AT THE BOTTOM AND NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS.

Posted by Colin Birch on Fri 05 Jan 2007 @ 13:14.

The AVG link works okay for me (
The antivir link has been updated if you want that package

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 06 Jan 2007 @ 00:02.

the link works and i click on the download but all i get is a blank page and it says done at the bottom left corner. and nothing else happens.
it could be coz i'm downloading all the micros**t downloads possibly??
31% and still going after 4 hrs.
and i still have no email working coz i have no antivirus:(

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 06 Jan 2007 @ 15:58.

it worked ok for me colin but its coming up now that it is a free trial and it runs out on 15 january, what then.

Posted by Colin Birch on Sat 06 Jan 2007 @ 18:49.

The old version (v7.4) runs out on the 15th. You have to upgrade to the new (free) version. Just follow the link and download the latest version (v7.5).

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 06 Jan 2007 @ 18:51.

cheers colin

 the best place for'free software'ect inc anti virus software
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 11 Feb 2007 @ 00:39.

;D hi'the best anti virus software is avast you can get it free or a pro version via google,or better still give the site i use a look,its called xsharex,its free to join and you can get any thing and i mean any thing from there,ps avast auto scans all downloads + incoming mail and attachments and ive tried all of them but that is the best ..........;]

Posted by Colin Birch on Sun 11 Feb 2007 @ 09:34.

Avast can be downloaded direct from the home site at the following link:-

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