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!984 Bedford CF Camper (Walker Conversion)
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 02 May 2006 @ 14:34.

Thought I'd introduce myself as this is my first CF. Always had Trannies or cars before. Oh and me Motorbikes!
Recently bought my Camper off Ebay for not a lot of money, it had a little tax left and a longish MOT. Do nt know much about the model other than its a Camper Van conversion by Walkers. It has a 2.3 slant 4 cylinder with 4 speed ZF gearbox, electronic distributor and Webber carb. The chassis is remarkably solid. And rear suspension is the heavy duty type.
Apparently the previous owner had put in a new cambelt and head gasket, and I cant find a leak anywhere. Clutch, gearbox and axle are all fine. And the rear diff does nt seems I bought something half decent reading the trials and tribulations of others on the Forum.
The body is somewhat tatty...surface rust or a little crustiness here and there. But all in all I think it has the makings of a nice vehicle.
Its already got two Captains chairs fitted - luxury or wot? So
I've started reupholstering inside first and then I intend to respray before the Summers end!
I've done a Google search to find out about the model but cant find nothing so if anybody has any info I'd welcome it! All I know further is that this is the transition model between the CF1 and the CF2.
So heres to a long Summer and hopefully a revamped CF at the end!

Posted by Colin Birch on Tue 02 May 2006 @ 23:03.

Hi Rich and welcome to the site.

You've got a CF1 facelift. Have a look at for a very brief history of the CF. I've no idea about the Walkers conversion though :( I've heard of Martin Walker but I think they were just on the CA vans.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 03 May 2006 @ 00:12.

Hi Rich and croeso to the bedheads.
you will enjoy your beddy and as to this site, loadsa stuff here for you.
don't forget to add your name and location to the members map in general and add your name for the mag [new one due out very soon ]
you can ask tech question in the bedofrd forum or general questions in general and lots of other stuff too. some good jokes and some light reading as well as the tech stuff..
happy to have another biker on board lol

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 05 May 2006 @ 16:29.

Welcome not far from you(cambs)..and in much the same boat..bedford cf and little knowledge...this sites already helped me out no,ll like it here..just had mine resprayed,its looking like new now..happy motoring

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 05 May 2006 @ 19:52.

"its looking like new now"

Colin must not have the brochure where that colour scheme was an aption :p

Welcome to the site Rich!

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