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 my cf
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 03 Apr 2007 @ 10:17.

After 30 odd years of caravan owning i decided it was time to be more mobile and to look for a camper, the caravan on the same site ! most campers seemed to be out of my price range however one May morning Jayne [wife] passed a camper about 1 mile from home and called to suss it out. a quick phone call to me at home and we became the proud owners of bedford cf camper. After nearly a year beddy used for work every day fishing every two weeks going round country to race meetings [brother in law races 1976 RS2000 in HSCC im grease monkey mechanic ] beddy has done 8000 plus miles with only probs being rumbling water pump [replaced] radiator [knackered whilst doing water pump] and hand brake cable. not bad for a 35 year old motor. its a bit heavy on petrol but much better since using FUEL CAT in tank also runs better, should have had one 30 years ago DAVE [BEEZA]

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 06 Apr 2007 @ 18:22.

Welcome to the Bedheads Dave; :) nice to have you here.
What is Fuel Cat? It sounds like we need one in the car!

 Fuel cat
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 07 Apr 2007 @ 00:45.

Hi Jeff Fuel cat is a device put either in fuel line or dropped into tank its makers claim it raises octane of unleaded petrol burns cooler and stops petrol deteriatating if left in tank for long periods. cost about 30. from FORMULA POWER, HORSHAM 01403754173. I dont know why but it seems to work. DAVE [BEEZA]

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 10 Apr 2007 @ 09:31.

croeso to "the Bedheads"

plenty of work for a grease monkey on here.

we're just back from the meet

 grease monkey
Posted by Anonymous on Thu 12 Apr 2007 @ 05:41.

HI Roi after my cock up with rad i might be better sticking to race car.Still on monday driving round midlands safari park for two hours in first gear temp gauge stopped in normal while lots of modern cars boiled there hats off i must have done something right. Racing this Sunday at Donnington Park so beddy will have a nice short trip DAVE[BEEZA]

Posted by Anonymous on Sun 29 Apr 2007 @ 23:36.

here is a picture of my bedford

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