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Just bought a camper on ebay!
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 29 Jul 2007 @ 13:05.

[baa]Hi! We are Steve & Jane, daughter Hannah & another on the way. Just went a bit mad on ebay & bought a CF 250 high top conversion camper. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but we are absolutely delighted with it! It has the 2.3l petrol engine & auto gearbox - a dream to drive. Just found your webwsite - great to see so many other people enjoying their Bedfords too.

My other hobby is riding & restoring old motorbikes. If I can get a towbar sorted we're hoping to take a bike to some steam rallies & stop over. Is there anywhere on this site that has drawings or photos of towbar attachments? Being a sheep farmer & into old bikes I'm well used to sorting out old British clank iron - but seeing one for pattern would be really helpful.

Thanks to everyone who makes this site such a fasinating read!

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 13 Aug 2007 @ 23:11.

Hi and croeso frantic
and apologies for delay in welcoming you.
as to tow bar I have one on mine so could try some photos if that would help.
I love[d] my bikes too but not allowed to ride anymore due to damage to my spine:( and I miss riding.
taking the beddie out goes some way to replacing the bikes tho. great to wake up and look out of the window along the Loch in some out of the way scottish places

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 15 Aug 2007 @ 21:05.

Hi Roi, thanks for the welcome & the kind offer of help with the towbar. Had a bit of luck since my post - I contacted a guy on ebay who was obviously breaking a Bedford & it turned out he also had a towbar & quite local to me. Result! Just finished fitting it tonight, hands covered in black hammerite, & off to a rally this weekend. We're loving the Bedford ownership experience so far - it's already becoming a bit of a distraction from the bikes for us too! Thanks again!

Posted by Anonymous on Fri 17 Aug 2007 @ 10:55.

HI frantic farmer welcome to a fellow brit fan bikes and bedfords and steam owe do you get away with all of them, you must have an understanding partner

Posted by Anonymous on Wed 22 Aug 2007 @ 20:12.

Hi & thanks for the welcome burnhambeeza! Believe me, I only get away with it about half the time!! I'm also supposed to be finishing off the house I started building 8 years ago. Have you tried buying her "her own bike"? It works for me - & the Bedford, we can all enjoy that!

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