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Almost an owner!

We're off for a second viewing on a 1972 Bedford CF tomorrow. Am very very tempted, although we didn't get it on first viewing due to thinking the bed is too small. Still think it is, but going to look again to see if it's worth getting to try for a while and sell if it's too uncomfortable (or modify it somehow if we fall in love with it otherwise which I already have we might.
Is there anything to look for that would mean we shouldn't get it? (Apologies if the owner is reading this - not sure if they're on here). It has some rust, and looks like water damage on the wood inside, though has just under 11 month MOT. I think there was some advisory on corrosion, and another couple of bits that I was told were done, though I don't think they had a receipt.
I am very excited about it, but wary after reading Rae's tale this morning (although was very interesting and inspiring too!). We're not mechanically experienced, or very DIY experienced either really, but I do think it could be a nice hobby for us to try and learn about together, and from what I've read you all seem a lovely bunch!
Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
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Hi Wendy,

We recently took the plunge and bought a very rusty and battered 1972 cf.
We absolutely love the van! but working on her is a nightmare!
I come from the VW camper scene where all parts are readily available and i still cant believe how hard it is to find stuff for the cf.
But dont let this put you off. honestly now shes running (still tatty and rusty) every time we go out in her it makes it all worthwhile

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it took me 7 years to get back to my beddie [due to cash] but its great haveing her parked up and thinking of the things wed like to do to her and as for going places although we've only done 2 real trips so far ITS GREAT .also having the people on here to ask advise to is brilliant didn't have that years ago ...go for it i was told to check the oil / dipstick to make sure there's not white stuff that indicates the head gasket is gone [ if wrong please correct ] ..
i believe most things are fixable its just money and time good luck wot ever you do..
guy and sharon
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Wooohooo! We've said Yes!! It needs some work, but thankfully the owner agreed to take that in to consideration so we have got a bit of money to spend on it (I'm sure it will need plenty of money over time!).

Getting it Wednesday so time to research insurance and breakdown cover and hopefully we can take it away next weekend )

Off to find where to pay my sign up fee for here now too

Yay!! Am so excited
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