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Bedford CF2 Walkerbus

Hi my names Dave, new to the CF scene.
Just bought myself a pretty cool bus, Betty the Beddy Bus is a 6 seater with windows all round, full headlining, all interior panels trimmed and matching front and centre row seats.
Currently a fairly thirsty 2.0l petrol with 4speed manual, salisbury rear axle and 2 shiny hub caps
I'm actually really surprised with the old girl, still has life in her!

Does anyone know where I can get:
Windscreen seal
rear door handle with lock
side door lock
front ball joints (upper and lower)
exhaust system
n/s door mirror
coolant temp sensor
and maybe side window seals, as they are walkerbus conversion seals im not too sure were to start looking.

Any help will be extremely appreciated!!
Thanks in advance, Dave.


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Welcome you now fight with the rest of us on fleabay,
AB in Leeds has most stuff but leans on the pencil a tad too hard when making
the bill out, or just hit and miss at scrapyards or motor factors, most of the stuff you've listed comes up from time to time, enjoy


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