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Hi again everyone

Hi again everyone. I used to be a member a while back and was on the help list. I am sorry I could not help everyone as I have been through 2 opperations and still struggling with my back so have been unable to help anyone for a while.Also my Motorhome which is a prototype and only one of a kind and have been able to prove it through knowing people who used to work for CI and Autohomes.Also insurance company has agreed that is what it is. I have managed to just about get all work done mechanically with help from friends due to my injuries and keep it on the road :). I have not been able to do any more woodwork to finish is off which is sad for me .
I am considering selling it with a good length of MOT and tax on it .It is tax exempt so free tax :). I would only sell it to someone who will spend time and effort on it to get it back to better condition inside.She is water tight and has been a while but that is all I have been able to do.Some cupboards removed and in storage but just been stuck not able to do the work.The insurance company have accepted what its value is now and what it would be if it was finished.I would not be looking for stupid money but I do know what she is worth with an MOT on her.
Sorry for waffling on
I am again going to say sorry to anyone who has asked for help and I have been unable to help due to physical issues for me.And yes I am disappointed my motorhome is not upto the condition it should be. Have had welding done and doors done repaired and a fibre glass bonet on her so she is looking better from the outside .
If anyone would be interested in my 1972 ci beduine one off prototype then please let me know and I would consider decent offers for her to know she will go to a good loving home that will bring her back to better condition and I would love to see her after she had all interior work done on her :) .I will not want to let her go to anyone who would not keep her on the road. I have owned her since 2006 and have made her so much better than she was.. but alas not been able to bring her to how she should be .I did live in her with 3 children for a while and she done so well I was proud of what I had done to keep her usable and water tight :) .I do have a cover for her that I need to put on soon :).
Sorry again for waffling. I will be happy to help anyone via email and would even be willing to show them what to do if they bought vehicles to me and done the physical work I cannot do .My advice would always be free :) if donations were given I would gladly accept a few pints haha.
Hope you are all well and looking after our bedfords :)


Michael Bass
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sorry to hear this i have a knackered back and can sympathise with you old son . i hope you get a price for your wagon .it might help to pop pics up tho lol


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Guy beat me to it but......


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Yes I will try and take pictures and post them soonish as at the moment my car has problems and have to fix that first. My main hope will be to find someone who will keep her on the road and finish off what I can't at the moment .I have done a fair bit of work on her since pics I last put up in here a fair few years back.I did help a couple of people with their bedford problems but recently havent been able to .
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