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possible new owner a few questions

Hello my name is steve and I'm thinking about buying a Bedford camper to take the wife, kids and dog away in. I have a few questions if you good people will indulge me.

Question 1. Rear seats and seat belts I saw a van for sale link here this is the only one I've seen with forward facing rear seats with seat belts. I would be using the van as daily transport for my kids so really need them to be safe and the research I've done says the sideways seats see in most Bedford's even if I fitted seat belts aren't safe. My question is how easy is it to modify the back to look like the one linked and fit seat belts.

Question 2. Engine swap. I've read that Vauxhall frontier engines will go into a Bedford without to much drama. I would be interested not only for slightly more power/better mpg but because I could use an auto box, the wife hurt her left arm a few years and now can't drive a manual.

I'm not to fussed on with shape of cf I have I do prefer the earlier shape for looks but not to the point that I wouldn't have a later one.

Many thanks in advance

Steve, Rebecca, Charlie, Ellie and Squiggle the labradoodle
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Hi. The rear seating in most CFs (certainly the pop top Autosleepers) converts simply from sideways benches to two forward facing seats. All you do is lift the cushions and the forward end of each bench can be swung across to create a footwell. The bench bases are hinged and you just flip them to create the seats. The original cushions have integral pouches on the back that slide over the hinged panels to keep them in place. It's a clever arrangement and very simple to use.
The main issue you face is wanting seat belts. They're not compulsory on early Cfs due to their age. However if you want to fit some then the modification MUST be passed as fit for purpose which means getting it inspected by an official VOSA centre. There are a number of threads about this on the board.It's not that big a job bust must be done right.
There's a lot of misinformation out there. If the seatbelt issue is a make or break for you then I'd contact VOSA for a definite answer.

have fun
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Thank you the direction the seats face is the biggest thing for me. I'm happy I could work out a way to fit seat belts, if it's been done before tiz easier to copy than work it out my self I'll have a look on here as you suggest, I'm very friendly with my MOT man I'll probable run it past him. I've got a Reliant Scimitar I'm intending to put rear belts in as well.
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