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Hello, I'm new here...

Hello. I am new here and new to the world of motorhomes. We bought our first one last year but only the other week went on its maiden voyage. I'm also finding my way around this site, and looking forward to reading about other motorhomes.

Our one is a 1978 Hymer on a CF 2.3 chassis

I write a blog about it, so it may be easier for you to view on my site at


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Bob Hillier
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Nice van, welcome to the site, but what time is that? Usually see my bedside digiclock (can`t see hands at that time) tells me that sort of time on my fourth trip too the loo, (old mans bladder). Neil, that Hymer looks very nice. Quite rare in CF1 mode, and should be used with care and tenderness.
Read your blog, (whatever a blog is). Very confusing until I scrolled to the bottom and continued. The ball and chain is a keen pot planter and now wants me to buy a boat. NO CHANCE. Keep the beast rolling, as they suffer from standing still in sheds.

We don`t stop when we get old, but get old when we stop

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hi there and a big welcome


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