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New member (and very glad I found this forum!)

Hi all, my name is Ossie (not really, but that's what everyone calls me).
I grew up with my dad's old CA pickup, and when I started looking for a horsebox to convert to a living wagon, I decided to go Bedford.
Of course, having not been around one for a while, I've pretty much already killed the engine in my '82 CF horsebox within a month of buying her(my husband is partly to blame for this). I probably should have found this forum before I drove her the 150 miles home from Aylesbury...
I will be bugging you all on the tech forum for some time I think...
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I am pretty new to it too Ossie but its a really useful resource and if full of n ice, enthusiastic and helpful people.

One thing I have found since joining is that the parts for these vans are at times hard to get and the price of the parts sometimes varies massively.

As an example of this I need a set of pistons and I have seen a set in Ebay at £447, A supplier advertised in the group here quoted £85 per piston inc VAT but I found a set through another excellent supplier, also advertising here called Steve Hammond at Gryphon Engineering, for £90 for a set of 4 pistons.

I think some of these suppliers may be taking advantage of the scarcity of parts to charge a premium, which I suppose is fair enough.

The moral - if you need something ask in here and shop around :)

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