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Just bought a CF1 Autosleeper 1977

I picked Betty up last Monday, my wife named her that , I literally just gave the CF a quick clean, took it for an MOT on Thursday, passed no advisories. It's never been welded and is solid underneath, but is in need of a clean up and underseal. Its pretty clean body wise just a few tiny bits surface in areas, which I intend sorting.
It is a very presentable van, I'm the 3rd owner, last owner had it since 1980, it's done 42,000 miles, all old MOTs to prove, it's been garaged most of its life, and will continue to be undercover, so has survived well. Interior is great too and has all the original crockery fixtures and fittings etc...
The first plan now it's MOT'd & Tax'd is to make it reliable, not that it doesn't run well, but not sure when Belt was done last, so first on agenda, along with Electronic Ignition, maybe new coil, plugs, leads, Oil/Filter once I've sorted the Small annoying leaks. It's a 2.3 Petrol by the way.
The windscreen seal has a bit of cracking but is water tight, anyone know of a good quality fit replacement supplier?
The Driver/Passenger door seals also could do with replacing, again looking for a supplier?
I managed to pick up some new Bonnet Badges the other day as originals a bit tired.
Oh and a complete new air filter box as it was reasonable and old one again tired.
All you knowledgeable folk on here, can you please give me the heads up on best most reliable parts suppliers, much appreciated ED


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Welcome to the club

Hi Ed,welcome to the club you will find a wealth of nohow here.I will leave it to the othere's to tell you where and who for parts.There aren't many on the net at the moment as they maybe away.Cheers+Bewers Jim.


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