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hi from glasgow a 61 year old newbie... im very much into hotrods and cool vans... i have acquired a CF2 to do up over the winter.Currently on SORN till i get it MOTed...i have a centre bearing to replace on the prop too,then i will start on some custom bits n bobs... i have a pair of leather recaro's to go in ,and a pair of portholes to cut in...
the beddy is a 2ltr panel van with a 5 speed ZF box and drives very well..i'll get a thread started when i start on my project...


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Colin Birch
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Hi and welcome to the site. Feel free to ask any questions about your CF and, as your in Scotland, have you thought of joining the Scottish Vanners Club? Scottish Vanners They're a bit weird (being Scottish ) but then what would I know, I'm Welsh

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
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