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New member! Undertaking a 1984 CF2 Restoration!

Good evening to all!

I'm Phil, Based in Ellesmere port! I Have recently acquired a 1984 Bedford CF2 flatbed that is in desperate need of a full restoration. I'm a welder/fabricator by trade so I'm not afraid of a little rust (well versed in classic ford transits too!) Hoping to make some new connections within the owners club and put this old Bedford back to her former glory!! I will upload some pictures of the current condition shortly.

Is there anyone out there supplying repair panels or is it going to be a case of blood, sweat and the English wheel/welder to remove the dreaded tin worm?

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Hello Phil. Welcome to the forum and the issues of Bedford CF ownership. I think you will find that the repair panel supply for the CF is very limited. I have occasionally seen new wheel arch and front rocker sections but mostly salvaged sections and odd old stock panels appear on ebay and the like. You may have better luck looking in Europe where the cf was called the Opel Blitz and has a number of owners clubs. There are some links on this site from the homepage for parts to get you started.

Regards Andy
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Colin Birch
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Hi Phil and welcome to the club. Panels are a bit on the rare side so it'll probably be a lot of fabrication needed to get rid of the rot. Panels do come up now and then on ebay but tend to be silly money. Are you sure yours is a CF2? The CF2 wasn't introduced until December 1984 so if yours is an '84 it's either a very early CF2 or a CF facelift. Has it got the 2.3l slant engine or the 2.0l? 2.3l is the CF facelift, 2.0l is the CF2. They both look the same.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
The Bedford CF Web Site

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