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More Info From MOBIC

Thanks for the welcomes....Better let you know what a mad bunch my family are. MOBIC was given to me by my darling daughters - it means Miserable Old B#####D In the Corner. Slightly over 21 (well, 57 actually), real name Mike, married 36 years to Lynne. I'm with British Waterways as a Boatmaster, Lynne is a Nursing Sister. Daughter 1 is Alison, also a Boatmaster, and Daughter 2 is Michelle (Shelley) who is an Occupational Therapist. Our dog, also female, is Jess

The girls bought the Beddy on E-bay a couple of weeks ago. B Reg 1985 and in pretty good nick. Goes by the name of 'Beckton' or 'Becki' for short. Undercoated the coloured bars today and it looks like they've decided on Magnolia with Columbian Coffee and Terracotta trim (Thank you Homebase). I'll keep you informed of progress.
Best Wishes
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