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Newbie - the story so far

Hi Everyone,

Dave Smith here, live in Leeds.

Bought CF250 Autosleeper Clubman Petrol/LPG on August 11th. Picked it up and was travelling back to Leeds on M62 - had blowout and did nt check spare at time, - but it was wrong size!!! - so the AA brought me home. Since then, changed brake cylinders on front, now need new master cylinder. Fitted freshwater tank under advice from guys on this site - works a treat!!. Just need new fridge, as done all tests recommended by members on here, and still no joy. Everything works except the brakes!! Will get new master cylinder tomorrow hopefully. The east coast beckons..............

Great site - learnt so much in such a short time - cheers everyone!!


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Hi Dave,
and an official croeso to "the bedheads"

and you can post your location on the club map if you go to general.
back issues of the club mags are available and the new one will be along very soon.
any questions don't hesitate..


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