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new member

hi guys,aussie guy here in sydney.ive just bought my first beddy(after wanting one for more than 20years).it needs restoration and ive hit a brick wall:| i cant find a wiring diagram for my 1974 cfs.if anyone can send me a scanned copy id really appreciate email is


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Bob Hillier
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Chassis number would help mate.There`s also a cheap cd on site that will show you more errors that you never dreamed of. The wiring diagrams are written by plumbers (or mechanics) and need patience and a steady hand. About 11 pages will see you started on the way to the funny farm we all live in.;]

We don`t stop when we get old, but get old when we stop

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hi there welcome to the site the is also an austrialian version called they might be able to help you and a bit closer to home for sourcing parts good luck mate wullie-d;]


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