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Tim, been reading your blog and qould like to suggest something for your painting/rollering/bodging

search rustoleum, there are lots of people who achieve pretty good results from using it as a complete respray medium. Some people roller it but many suggest buying a cheap HVLP sprayer as it greatly reduces the sanding time (I will be doing this to the van when I get it) your can either get an earlex (spelling) one off amazon for £55 or go for an apollo spraymaster for just over £100 (seems the better by not by much)

rustoleum will spray over existing paint, filler, rust and all over rubbish so makes prep a little easier.

I would say just borrow yourself a gazebo and have a go at your rear panel or better still find someone with a spare panel (or if you've replaced a panel and have an old one laying around) and have a go. Doesn't hurt to try and could save you that £5000!! I see what you mean about the dents but can you not just tap them out from inside? big advantage of a van if not I guess you could go the Bondo route and flatten it with filler but it is a big panel you'd prob be better off just cutting it out and getting someone to weld a complete new patch in for you to then paint yourself
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Hi Sam, I've been all around the block with ideas for my van, including the famous £100 Rustoleum paint job. I've seen examples of amazing Rustoleum jobs, and terrible ones. The difference between the two is time. A great DIY paint job requires many layers of thinned paint, requiring many many hours and the ability to keep the vehicle clean and dry throughout the process. Time is the one luxury I don't seem to have too much of at the moment sadly.

I could do it the rough and fast way, but to be honest my van looks rough as it is so there wouldn't be much point... My dream is to make the van into a decent enough restoration job.

As for the dents... I crunked one panel myself recently in an ill-judged attempt to drive around a delivery lorry that had pulled up in front of me, and I used a variety of boulders off the beach to knock it back out again (heavy boulders are ideal for panel beating I've found... they're heavy, and they come in all sorts of useful shapes!). The worst panel though is held together across the middle by a streak of filler, so any attempt to bash that will just pull the whole apart and mean it requires welding up anyway.

I'm getting close to a solution over here anyway. I'll have it resolved by spring... as long as the panels last that long of course.



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